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What kind of future do you want to live in? What future do you want to avoid? The Tomorrow Project explores our possible futures through fact-based, science-based fiction and video conversations with scientists and science fiction authors, legends and world renowned experts, passionate advocates and everyday people.  Science fiction gives all of us a language so that we can have a conversation about the future and these conversations make dramatic changes.

Growing Mechanical: Robot Stories from the year 2030

The stories contained in this volume were written by engineering students at the University of Washington for a course called “Science Fiction Prototyping.” The purpose of the class was to get students to think about how robots will impact society if and when their use becomes more widespread. Thus, these stories can be considered “hard” science fiction. Each author researched current robotic technologies, and their stories extend science fact 20 years into the future. The possible worlds presented in this collection of short stories alert readers of the many ways in which the presence of robots in our society may affect individuals and their families, relationships, and jobs. View Purchasing Option

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  • very interesting ! I 'am sure that the world will be from fiction . we will live in the fiction inside the truth , and the future generations will not be affected. We were not affected compared to the old generation. That's what we called the revolution technology.
    - Anonymous
  • Very interesting!
    - Anonymous
  • i do think there will will be a big impact of robotics on medicine.imagine when we develop artificial limbs which can sense and perform as good as the natural ones .wont people go for artificial limbs in old age .no chance of fractures and other problems .
    - Anonymous

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