The Tomorrow Project – Seattle

The Tomorrow Project – Seattle looked for short fiction, comics and short screenplays based upon current scientific research and technology development. Research was conducted by the University of Washington and Intel in the fields of synthetic biology, computer security, robotics, DNA sequencing and bio/chemical sensing, minute architecture, ray tracing/virtual reality and computer vision. This research, presented as video interviews, served as the basis to inspire authors of science fiction. Highlighting the seven research topics, the Tomorrow Project Seattle asked people to think about what the future will look like when these technologies affect our everyday lives.

Although the Tomorrow Project was not a competition, submissions were reviewed by an editorial board managed by the University of Washington, including members from academia and industry. The stories accepted for publication by the editorial board were compiled into an anthology, featuring an original story from Cory Doctorow.

The other five stories presented in this anthology were chosen because they are successful at both exploring a current technology in its future form and provoking questions within the reader that will spark further discussions about the impact of technology on the human experience.

“Mirror Test” – Sonia Orin Lyris

“Mapping People” – Laston Kirkland

“The Lights Are On” - Sergei Lupashin

“Autoerotica” – Mike Brennan

“High Cotton” – Charles Walbridge

This collection of stories is a conversation amongst many people with the hope of producing spontaneous and entertaining comments. Each one is like a request for the future. The future is not a fixed point in time. It is a continuously evolving and changing reality, the result of an on-going dialogue between people and technology.

The Tomorrow Project was born from this idea, with the goal of providing a forum for people from across the globe to have conversations about, and thus influence, the future.

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Video Topics

Other Conversations

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Brian David Johnson: Intel’s Guide to the Future

Forbes – 10/13/11. A major part of Johnson’s work is the Tomorrow Project. This is the public facing side – where Johnson takes his research out into the world and gets people talking about the future…

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Bloomberg Businessweek – 10/31/11. CEO Guide to Technology: As researchers confidently predict a future of faster-than-ever transformations in computing, they are creating chips that learn and respond as they gain experience…

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Intel uses sci-fi to understand possible tech uses

San Francisco Chronicle – 8/14/11. ‎Last year Intel hired four sci-fi writers to study the company’s latest research projects and produce an anthology, envisioning how cutting-edge processors might be used in the near future…

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